It’s recently come to my attention that I never actually blogged about my Las Vegas experience.  Being the sort of person that doesn’t like to leave things unfinished, I figured I should try to rectify this situation… so here it goes.

As soon as we entered the airport in Las Vegas I began to feel more excited & relaxed than I had in days.  I definitely think I am more of a “West coast” sort of girl.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my time in NYC & Florida, I just feel like the West coast fits my personality so much better… Plus, all those years of practicing how to make a ‘W’ sign with my fingers has finally paid off.  We landed at night which means our first peek of the famous Las Vegas strip was seen the way it was built to be seen. So bright. So many lights. So many men sending “girls to your room in 30 minutes”.

Unfortunately we only had a few days to spend in Vegas, but we did what we could to make the most of them. This included watching Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio (I still have no idea how they managed to achieve what they did with people under water for so long.  I am convinced half the cast drowns every performance & are replaced for the next), drinking cocktails at Caesar’s Palace, spending a small fortune at M&M’s World, watching people gamble with way too much money (because we had no idea how to gamble with our own), buying champagne along with groceries from CVS Pharmacy &, of course, celebrating Halloween.

Having an American Halloween is something I have been dying to experience & it’s obviously no coincidence that we happened to be in Vegas for this event. I can not even begin to describe how amazing our Halloween night was.  I honestly believe the size of this celebration is equivalent to the size of Christmas celebrations here in Australia.  It was mental.    

We ventured away from the strip & joined the Las Vegas Halloween Parade, where we saw some of the most outrageous costumes. We ended up befriending a group of people who were staying at a nearby Hostel & followed them around after the parade.  They hadn’t organised costumes & were all wearing their bedsheets as toga’s, it was cute.  We ended up on Fremont Street (aka where the ‘strip’ used to be) & it was mind blowing.  There was an overhead light show, people flying past on zip-lines, stages set up along the sides & the biggest crowd of zombies, video game characters, Michael Jackson’s & generic lingerie-wearing skanks that I have ever seen. Everyone looked amazing & we were constantly stopping to take photos of / have our photo taken with them all.  I also got to drink a daquiri out of a football… big tick off the bucket list right there.

After the Fremont Street shenanigans we headed to Insert Coin(s), which is quite possibly the coolest bar I have ever been in & around.  Being able to drink, dance & play arcade machines is the perfect combination for an amazing night out.  I somehow managed to get the 2nd top score on ‘Tapper’ which has lead me to believe that my true calling in life is to serve beers at a rapid pace.  That, or just play ‘Tapper’ a whole lot & try & make some coin from it.  One of my favourite memories was when ‘Alan’ from the Hangover came over to us, asked if we wanted to join his wolfpack, then slapped Rachel’s hand away when she tried to touch baby Carlos.  I also got to meet Jessica Rabbit & the rest of my Nintendo family, plus we got to see Master Chief bust out some serious moves in the middle of a circle on the dance floor.  

It was quite easily one of the best nights of my life & I definitely plan on experiencing another Vegas Halloween as soon as possible.  It’s such a crazy feeling to feel so “at home” in a place you’ve never been before, but that’s exactly how I felt for most of this trip.  I am now over my ‘post-holiday’ depression (according to this blog I seem to get ‘post-everything’ depression, hmm) & am now focused on doing what I need to do to return.  

I love America. 


There are pokie machines inside the airport terminal. Oh Vegas, I am excited to be in & around you!


I’m in Miami (I actually have to refrain from adding ‘bitch’ after every time I say Miami. It’s a hard task, really) & there’s a huge storm happening. I’m hoping it won’t affect our flight to Las Vegas tomorrow, but according to the Weather channel it should blow over by then. Yes, I’m watching the Weather channel on Friday night in South Beach. In hindsight, it was probably the best idea anyway because of this whole storm fiasco, but we thought we should conserve some energy before spending Halloween in Vegas.

Although we only had limited time in Miami, I’m glad we stopped by. Every place we’ve visited on this holiday has been so different from the last, it really makes me wonder what else is out there. I’m not a huge fan of the humidity here, but I am a huge fan of the fact you can hire segway’s to cruise along with. Another tick off the bucket list & another gadget to add to my Christmas list. Segway’s are amazing!



I think the ‘post-Wizarding-World’ blues are even more intense than the ‘post-Disneyland’ blues.  Three weeks is a long time.


… & now for the post you’ve all been waiting to read & I’ve been waiting to write (more so the latter, I’d imagine). I’ve just spent the last two days at Universal Studios aka Islands of Adventure aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter aka the most amazing place in the world. This theme park was the main reason we booked our holiday so I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations… Thankfully, it surpassed them.

The Forbidden Journey ride was such an incredible experience. Not only do you get to travel through the Hogwarts castle & see all of the cool effects & props, you’re actually thrown INTO scenes from the movies & it feels just like you’re flying alongside Harry. It was amazing & it felt so surreal. I can’t even explain how it’s done. I ended up going on it 4 times & would’ve probably stayed on there all day if it wasn’t for the motion sickness. I feel like it’s been downplayed in the movies & books, but anyone would feel ill after flying around like that. Flying broomsticks & dragons I can deal with, but no one getting motion sickness? Now that’s just far-fetched.

Walking up & down the streets of Hogsmeade with a Butterbeer in hand, exploring all of the cool trinkets inside each of the shops, being harassed by Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, having lunch at the Three Broomsticks & getting drunk at the Hogs Head. It was perfect & it’s something that I’ll never forget.

I was a little disappointed with the actual Universal Studios side. Although we did get to meet Bart & Homer Simpson who tried stealing our Duff energy drinks & then Bart proceeded to pick my nose (hygienic, I’m sure). The Simpsons ride was extremely well made, but I definitely think they need to hand out motion sickness pills before some of these simulator rides. We had headaches before 10am, haha.

Marvel Superhero Island was like walking into the page of a comic book. Everything was so brightly colored & there were characters all over the place. We got to meet pretty much all of them, including an over-friendly Cyclops who spent way too much time flirting while the photo line built up. It was a little awkward but really, who can resist a man in uniform? Me, apparently.

The Hulk rollercoaster looked like the school-yard bully of all the other rollercoasters. It was huge, full of loops, twists & drops… So naturally, we rode it twice. Once on our first day & again while we were drunk after the Hogs Head & had just got off the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster. I felt like rollercoaster riding after drinking meant there was a 50/50 chance of either dying or having a blast… Lucky for us it was fine & we actually tried to ride the Hulk again but the park closed, so instead we hit up MargaritaVille (three guesses what’s served there) & sat on stools while we waved goodbye to all the park visitors. Someone even took a photo of us, because who doesn’t want a holiday snap of two drunk Aussie tourists embarrassing themselves? Heck, I’ve got a whole memory card full of them :3


My first impression of New York City is that it’s big, it’s busy & it’s bright.  After being here for a full day my second impression of New York City is that it’s big, it’s busy & it’s only bright at night, in the day it’s fairly drab.  Everyone here seems to be in a really big rush to be somewhere… on their way to work, on their way to a show, on their way to buy a questionable-looking hotdog from the Mexican guy on the side of road… either way, I’m having trouble keeping up with the pace & have probably got in the way of every single New-Yorker that I’ve come across.

I’m not saying I dislike the place, it’s just VERY different to anything I’ve ever come across & it might take a while to adjust.  On another note, I got to ride on a ferris wheel INSIDE Toys ‘R’ Us… which means New York, you are alright by me.


Just landed in New York. Have resigned to the fact that I’ll have ‘Empire State of Mind’ in my head for the next four days.



After spending two full days at Disneyland I’m suffering a severe case of the post-Disneyland-blues. This is a condition that affects those who have to return to reality after experiencing two full days of complete, carefree, blissful happiness. Side effects include a furrowed brow, irritable responses & the inability to remove Minnie Mouse ears from your head (so even though you appear to be completely unapproachable, at least you look cute while doing so :3). Summarizing my Disneyland experience would be near impossible, however I did find out that “at Disneyland, anything is possible” so I’d presume that in the ‘real world’ compiling a short list is a much more achievable feat than finding a tea-cup big enough to fit a fully grown adult. So here it goes:

Seeing Sleeping Beauty’s castle, riding the tea cups & spinning them as fast as one can spin a giant tea cup, wearing adorable hats & being called ‘cute’ by strangers, riding Indiana Jones (the ride, not the man himself, although that would be a memorable moment) & jumping straight back in the queue, eating Mickey-shaped icecreams on the “It’s A Small World” attraction, entering Halloweentown at the Haunted Mansion, seeing adorable Halloween costumes, watching the ferris wheel change colors, photo bombing other tourists, riding Splash Mountain with two girls called Katie & Rachel (who were wearing fake moustaches… What are the odds? Seriously), watching a cute Asian lady trying to take a ‘jumping’ photo in front of the Disneyland sign but only rising 4cm off the floor (bless), sharing an accidentally romantic ride on the Matterhorn, turning Japanese on Space Mountain, eating churro’s & living out my biggest childhood fantasy.

The World of Color, which honestly has to be seen to be believed, gets it’s own paragraph. I had no idea it was possible to do such things with water, so here’s a shout out the the lake in front of the ferris wheel, keep up the good work, man.

Last, but not least, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I thought this ride was just your normal, everyday giant drop… Oh, how wrong I was. It had everything you could possibly want from a ride, an amazing backstory that makes you feel like a PART of it, breakneck speed, unpredictability (up, up, down a little, all the way up, straight down, straight up, fake drop, smile for the camera, etc), jaw-dropping views of the entire park, the most amazing cinematic graphics I’ve ever seen plus a brief moment in front of a giant mirror because let’s face it, staring into reflective surfaces is one of my favorite pass times. I can not wait to return to Disneyland purely to experience this ride again. It was mind-blowing & no matter what anyone says, I’m CERTAIN that I floated out of my seat for at least 5 seconds. It’s Disneyland, anything is possible, okay?

"Wave goodbye to the real world, for you have just entered… The Twilight Zone".


It’s not every day that you bump into Dumbledore while walking down the street, & have your photo taken with him by Charlie Chaplin.  Well, actually it is if you’re in Hollywood.  We also had photos taken with “Mr Muscles” who lifted us both in the air then tried to give me his number. Never a dull moment

Today was our last day in Hollywood & I’m actually pretty upset about it.  I love this place so much, but tomorrow we’re going to the ‘happiest place on Earth’ & I’d imagine that’s the best place to visit if you’re depressed. It’s been a massive dream of mine to visit Disneyland since I was a child… original, I know. I remember the first time I ever used Google maps, I looked at Disneyland for aaaages (after looking at my own house, of course… because when you realize you have access to a birdseye view of ANY place in the world, for some reason everyone always thinks it’s best to look at the place you live in, derp). I can’t wait to see the World of Color.  Eeek.

… because Lids is the greatest shop of all time.


…. real mature.

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